[Lỗi] Boss Lindvior

26/10/2015|Tin tức

Thân chào các bạn,

Hiện tại Boss Lindvior bị lỗi ở Stage 1. L2VN đang tiến hành kiểm ra và xử lý lỗi. Sau khi xử lý hoàn tất chúng tôi sẽ thông báo trang chủ các thông tin cần thiết đến các bạn.

Khuyến cáo: Trong thời gian xử lý lỗi các bạn vui lòng đừng vào Instance Boss để tránh báo lỗi trùng lập nhiều lần.

Tham khảo Lindvior Raid

  • Before Lindvior came into the scene, aristocrats of Gehenia (Abyssal Hell) established an altar and sacrificed monsters and humans alike to absorb their blood. Jenna, a wizard of Aden Castle and a member of the Ivory Tower, created a barrier to put a stop to the uncontrollable slaughter. Having learned of this, Shilen has sent her champion, Lindvior, to demolish the barrier around the altar.

  • Participation Requirements: Level 99, minimum of 49 players (7 parties) and maximum of 112 players (16 parties)

  • Location: Altar of Sacrifice (south of Forest of the Dead)

  • Relevant NPCs: Raid Entry NPC Kato Sicanus, and Reward NPC Jenna

  • Procedure: 6 stages total; use the generator to bring Lindvior crashing down, and attack his minions to stop them from destroying the barrier.

  • We have added a system that will minimize lag in places where a lot of players are active.

  • When you enter Lindvior boss area, you will automatically change into "uniform." You will also have a button to turn the radar UI on and off.

Defense War

They only way to face Lindvior on leveled ground is to fire the defense cannons and bring him down. Easier said than done, Lindvior’s minions will attack the generator that fuels the cannons, you must protect it at all cost or the fight is over before it begins.

Stage 1

Lindvior falls to the ground and you begin the battle; Skills you can use depend on your distance to Lindvior.

Stage 2

Lindvior fights midair; he uses Mighty Wind Strike and a giant whirlwind to cause critical damage.

Stage 3

Back on the ground; when you use Damage Reflect skills, Lindvior turns black.

Stage 4

As with stage 2, Lindvior rises to the air, and spawns a number of tornadoes on the ground.

Stage 5

Lindvior’s minions do not spawn, but he flies up to cast a powerful tornado spell, and uses the powerful Lindvior’s Wrath skill.


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