L2H5] Nhiệm vụ An Arrogant Search gặp Baium Sub Class 2

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1. Start the quest in Aden Castle Town talking to Magister Hanellin in the Dark Elf Guild


2. She will ask for an item of Paliote and Ytzu monsters in Forsaken Plains near Aden.


3. When you have the item, go back and talk again with the Magister Hanellin.


4. Now go talk to Claudia Athebaldt (near the Aden castle lawn), indicating that you look for an item in a chest shown on the map.


5. Talk to Holy Ark Of Secrecy 2 (chest) in the cemetery (teleport to “Seal of Shillien” of Aden) which is located near the Raid Boss “Cabrio” (First Boss subclass quest). Kill the angel and come back to talk again with Chest.

5.1 – Chest


5.2 – Anjel


6. Now go talk to Matien in Giran that indicate another chest on the map.


7. Talk to Holy Ark Of Secrecy 3 that is on top of a mountain (Teleport Tanor Cannyon Dion). Kill the archer who will appear and talk again with Chest.

7.1 – Chest


7.2 – Archer


8. Now go a Dark Elf Village and talk to Magister Harne, that indicate the last trunk.


9. You will be shown the Holy Ark Of Secrecy one that is locked, climbing the hill side near the Chest you find the dead angel, stir in Ark Guardian’s Corpse and kill the last monster that appears, stir again in Ark Guardian’s Corpse to take key.

9.1 – Chest


9.2 – Angel’s dead body


9.3 – Angel Killer


10. Return to bag behind the rock to catch the last item of the chests.


11. Go back to Aden to talk to Magister Hanellin again we will ask you 1 Greater Healing Potion and 5 Antidote, buy the itens in a Grocery Shop and delivered the items.

11.1 – Magister Hanellin


11.2 – Greater Healing Potion


11.3 – Antidote


12. She asks if you find the Emperor Baium or do more Adena (Choose “make more money” to ensure more items). It will give you 1 White Fabric that must be watered with the blood of the monsters you have to kill, this is automatic.


13. Go to the 7th floor of Tower of Insolence (ask someone to climb the floors or summon you there ) and look for the Platinum Tribe Shaman (care they give cancel buffs) or Platinium Tribe Overlords to wet the White Fabric turning it into Blooded Fabric. be patient at this stage and make time, download the HP Monster to less than 50% and put a No-Grade or D-Grade weapon, keep hitting it to wet the cloth.


14. When you get Blooded Fabric back to Aden to talk to Magister Hanellin, which will give it to him other 9 White Fabric!


14.1 – Blooded Fabric


14.2 – White Fabric (9)


You are not required to water this other 9 at the same time, the first just for the first visit in Baium, but the other nine visits to ensure new Boss without having to do the quest again. To wet the other 9 do not need the same procedure as first go back to the 7th floor of Tower of Insolence and kill Guardian Angel and Angel Seal .

If you plan to visit Baium several times, NOT return to Magister Hanellin or she will pick up all Blooded Fabric and will only give you adena.


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